Bob Bernstock has been working in the corporate world for many years, and is a successful leader with a proven track record of business accomplishments. He has contributed to building some of the most popular brands in America as an executive with Consumer Product Companies such as Scotts Miracle-Gro, Campbell Soup Company, Vlasic Foods International, and the General Foods Corporation.

Bob Bernstock has been active in a range of industry segments over the past several decades, including food and beverage companies, technology businesses, the lawn and garden sector and mailing and shipping services. When working in these industries he has been responsible for overseeing the expansion of core product lines and successfully launching new products. This work has contributed to earnings growth and increased shareholder value in numerous industry segments.


Bob Bernstock has held leadership positions with some of the best known companies in the United States.  This includes the Campbell Soup Company, Vlasic Foods International, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and General Foods Corporation.  At each of these companies Bernstock was responsible for the successful launch of new products and for the expansion of core product lines and businesses, which contributed to earnings growth and increased shareholder value. Additionally, Bob Bernstock served as President of the Mailing and Shipping Services division of the United States Postal Service. This division was responsible for over $70 billion in sales revenue.

Bob Bernstock has also served as a capable business leader of technology companies. During 2001 he was President, Chief Executive Officer and a board member of Atlas Commerce. He was responsible for positioning Atlas Commerce as a leading provider of software applications in four industry segments, and successfully sold the company in late December, 2001 to Verticalnet.  Earlier in his career, Bob Bernstock was Vice President of Marketing for Multimate International, which at that time was one of the largest computer software companies in the nation.

Bob Bernstock has delivered successful results and has a solid record of accomplishment with both large and small companies—across a wide range of industry segments.