Robert Bernstock As Interim Leader

During vital leadership changes among companies, it is crucial to bring in a trusted interim executive to take the reins and keep any business on its upward trajectory. Interim leaders step into these roles as needed, when needed, and maintain levels of normalcy and consistency for brands. Robert Bernstock, an established business consultant, has acted as this type of interim leader on several occasions throughout his career. Sometimes for a brief period of time and sometimes for several years. As former leadership steps down from these top positions, Bernstock has taken on these vacancies with success across various businesses and industries, from esteemed brands to medical businesses and everything in between.

He’s also been a strong permanent leader for companies, including recent roles as chairman and chief executive officer of USCI Company and president and chief executive officer of Medical Services Associates, LLC. Throughout a span of 15 years, from 1995 to 2010, Bob Bernstock acted as chief executive officer, president or executive vice president for three different Fortune 1000 companies for which he served on their Boards of Directors as well. He also led the nation’s largest federal government agency as its president.